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SICO – What sets us apart?

From raw material to individual solutions from silicone

SICO maintains its solid position in the European market first and foremost due to its high degree of flexibility and the great depth of its production. This depth allows us to remain in almost complete control of all relevant quality aspects. Starting with our geometrical product development, the compounding of silicone mixtures, and the design and manufacture of tools, all the way to high-volume production, including, if necessary, the related refinement and assembly work: every single step of the process is performed and monitored in-house and exclusively by SICO. 


Fascinated by the unique properties of silicone rubber as well as by its wide range of uses, we have been deeply involved with this material since 1985. As one of the leading European companies in the processing...


The growing demands on our products and services require constant improvement in all areas of our company. They also call for a trusting collaboration with our customers and suppliers. For this reason, we are ...


SICO stands for more than 300 qualified employees at two locations, Witten (Germany) and Velké Pořiči (Czech Republic), producing a wide variety of moulded parts, tubes, hoses, and profiles...