SICO silicone s.r.o.

Joint venture partner since 1999

SICO silicone, s.r.o Velké Poříčí was founded in December 1999 as a joint venture between its two owners, German company SICO Gesellschaft für Siliconverarbeitung mbH, based in Witten, and the Czech company RUBENA a.s., based in Hradec Králové.

We manufacture and sell components from silicone rubber for applications in industry, ecology, and for a variety of special uses.

SICO silicone continues the tradition of processing silicone rubbers first started by RUBENA a.s., a company which has been active in this field ever since the early sixties. 

Our reliability und high production quality meet international standards and have been certified by the SGS Group in Zurich.

SICO silicone s.r.o. - Silicone rubber products

  • Technical rubber goods from silicone
  • Profiles, tubes, hoses, and round cords from silicone
  • Silicone hoses with mesh reinforcement
  • Silicone films
  • Mammo epitheses
  • Teats, teething rings, and silicone parts for soothers/pacifiers