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Moulded Parts Manufacturing

The manufacture of moulded parts can be done simply by way of compression moulding. In this process, each mould cavity is filled individually with a suitable amount of material. To vulcanize the parts, the heated tool is then closed by means of a hydraulic press. An advancement of compression moulding in terms of accuracy and efficiency can be found in transfer moulding. In this process, the silicone rubber is either pressed into the tool mould via an intermediary storage container, or into various cavities via a system of channels. Both compression moulding as well as transfer moulding are suitable only for the processing of solid silicone. 

Currently, the most important method for the manufacture of moulded silicone parts is the technology of injection moulding. While its high degree of automatization reduces costs, it does involve the use of more expensive tools. Unlike the first two methods, however, injection moulding is not only suitable for the processing of solid silicone, but also and especially for the use of liquid silicone rubber (LSR).

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